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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
May. 23, 3:09 PM Capital Southwest Q4 Earnings Call Transcript -- C... mem samiamdj CSWC 27
May. 22, 8:29 PM Interesting article from Russel Investments on -- ... mem AKinvestor BDCs 15
May. 16, 12:18 PM ADS Analytics is a SA author and one of the -- bet... mem AKinvestor BDCs 8
May. 13, 9:57 PM Runway Q1 Earnings Call Transcript -- Runway Growt... mem samiamdj BDCs 12
May. 12, 11:23 AM CCAP Earnings Call Transcript -- Crescent Capital ... mem samiamdj BDCs 11
May. 11, 11:16 AM Re: Htgc wants to sell share below NAV ... -- In g... mem johnkill HTGC 6
May. 11, 09:45 AM Re: Htgc wants to sell share below NAV ... -- 3/8/... mem skipski HTGC 3
May. 11, 08:03 AM Re: Htgc wants to sell share below NAV ... -- Sold... mem skipski HTGC 8
May. 11, 06:14 AM Htgc wants to sell share below NAV -- https://pex.... mem johnkill HTGC 15
May. 11, 04:44 AM ORCC EARNINGS -- https://www.owlrockcapitalcorpora... mem johnkill BDCs 9
May. 10, 4:36 PM Crescent Capital BDC Q1 Adj. EPS $0.54 Beats ... mem drg250000 BDCs 10
May. 9, 10:37 PM Prospect Capital PSEC Q1 Earnings -- I have been a... mem mjm2 BDCs 11
May. 9, 7:08 PM Stellus Capital Management (SCM) reported -- <p... mem AKinvestor BDCs 10
May. 9, 6:06 PM RWAY Headline -- Runway Growth Finance reports Q1 ... mem honkytonker BDCs 23
May. 9, 3:48 PM Re: Meet HTGC largest/newest shareholder ... -- Gu... mem drg250000 BDCs 21

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May. 26 2023, 12:48 PM ET
created by captainlate (to members only)
Poll Type: Check All That Apply
If the IRS actually gets to hire 82,000 new auditors, and you get audited, is it likely you will have to cough up more cash?
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   No, I am totally honest when I file
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May. 23 2023, 7:05 PM ET
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What will be the low close for the S&P 500 between now and year end?
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   Below 3250
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May. 23 2023, 3:20 PM ET
created by bug (to members only)
Poll Type: Check All That Apply
Will the debt ceiling be raised before July 4th?
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May. 27, 09:50 AM Turn on the AC with logic -- and Socratic reasonin... mem vf-Bucky Accounting 4
May. 27, 12:34 AM Re: FDA bans farmers from caring for own animal...... mem vf-cervalces Law 6
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