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Sep. 30, 12:00 PM   somebody who?     initiates    SVVC    w/ Buy 
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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Oct. 28, 7:03 PM Re: SVVC Firsthand Tech Value Fund ... -- how 'bou... mem tytthus BDCs 21
Oct. 28, 5:02 PM RE: TCAP -- The blurb below is from WSJ. We are ta... mem SteveXie BDCs 27
Oct. 28, 11:15 AM ACAS very active this quarter as BDC -- ACAS is pr... mem dontfight ACAS 17
Oct. 26, 1:02 PM FSIC - just a reminder of the coming special -- di... mem AKinvestor BDCs 32
Oct. 25, 1:59 PM Re: PSEC: Massive Insider Buying ... -- Re: <i&... mem MASONPOWERS PSEC 21
Oct. 24, 6:33 PM Re: PSEC: Massive Insider Buying ... -- I have nev... mem MASONPOWERS PSEC 24
Oct. 24, 2:44 PM PSEC: Massive Insider Buying -- Posted for discuss... mem PhillyJoe PSEC 32
Oct. 22, 5:16 PM New internally managed BDC -- A small company (100... mem NAL BDCs 31
Oct. 22, 4:51 PM NMFC doing a secondary -- After the close today NM... mem Petros BDCs 8
Oct. 22, 10:33 AM Fifth street cancel IPO -- FSAM, the parent of FSC... mem dontfight BDCs 7
Oct. 21, 1:36 PM Re: PSEC ... -- Re: May I ask why you cho... mem bsterns PSEC 9
Oct. 21, 12:25 PM Re: PSEC ... -- Sold the PSEC after thinking about... mem bsterns PSEC 20
Oct. 21, 01:30 AM Re: PSEC ... -- Re: Are you talking about... mem bsterns PSEC 14
Oct. 20, 2:43 PM Re: PSEC ... -- Mucho Gracias Amigos for all the g... mem bsterns PSEC 10
Oct. 20, 2:08 PM Re: SVVC Firsthand Tech Value Fund ... -- i'll go ... mem tytthus BDCs 15
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Oct. 30 2014, 7:35 PM ET
created by sysop (to members only)
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Oct. 27 2014, 3:43 PM ET
created by jonsventnor (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
List 3 stocks/funds (or more) you would invest in now for the long term which have sustainable/increasing divs plus sustainable/increasing stock price and which or will yield 10%+ or close as in OXLC, RSO, NRZ, STON, EFC, TCAP.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2:43 PM

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Oct. 18 2014, 10:32 AM ET
created by MrMuileh (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
E&P Shares; We've seen the bottom? Or Dead Cat Bounce?
(choose one best answer)
   We've seen the bottom?
   Dead cat bounce?
All votes final
vote required to view results
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Oct. 16 2014, 3:20 PM ET
created by inthegreen (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
You think Oct. 15 was the low for the S&P for this year?
(choose one best answer)
All votes final
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An archive of discussions and stock ratings at, prior to November 2005

Community building @ The Coffee Shop, for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing The VF companion site for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Oct. 30, 7:27 PM obama is America’s most destructive enemy … http:/... mem vf-cti1usnret National Security 1
Oct. 30, 5:30 PM The Flower Laden Patios Festival of Cordoba -- E...This post contains an attachment mem vf-luckychuck A Picture is Wo... 4
Oct. 30, 5:02 PM The Gloves Are Off -- The Gloves Are Off Condom sh... mem vf-seg Opinion 3
Oct. 30, 3:42 PM America's First War on Islam -- Most Americans are... mem vf-JamesRWhite History 16
Oct. 30, 2:38 PM I guess they started reading my blog at http://ame... mem vf-cti1usnret News Media 9
Oct. 30, 11:53 AM Amazing Video of limbless Japanese Cheerleader -- ... mem vf-mahamidi Life 9
Oct. 30, 09:58 AM But science says quarantines work . . . and obse...This post contains an attachment mem vf-JamesRWhite Science 18
Oct. 30, 09:53 AM SF Lib Scum Riot to "celebrate".. [as ...This post contains an attachment mem vf-tankerat Crime 15
Oct. 30, 09:26 AM There is a big difference between how the Ebola ...This post contains an attachment mem vf-JamesRWhite Media Bias 9
Oct. 29, 11:49 PM Hats off to the Giants. -- The entire season is de... mem vf-jayhawk Sports 6
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