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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Oct. 25, 09:15 AM BDC roundup slow start to Q4 -- From Merrill lyn... mem maxx BDCs 59
Oct. 18, 11:16 AM ACAS/ARCC merger vote in December -- So it won't c... mem dontfight ACAS 13
Oct. 14, 5:18 PM MAIN and performance YTD -- My biggest loser today... mem LeftCoastJ BDCs 30
Oct. 10, 06:03 AM Would like an opinion from smarter heads...... -- ... mem Longterm10 BDCs 15
Oct. 7, 09:01 AM Wells Fargo - Bocks'd Lunch (BDCs) -- attached [ eom ] mem craigrj BDCs 22
Oct. 5, 11:43 AM Re: HTGC releases portfolio activity for Q3 ... --... mem 5717 BDCs 34
Oct. 5, 10:11 AM Good article on ARCC from marketRealist -- The onl... mem dontfight ARCC 19
Oct. 5, 09:48 AM HTGC releases portfolio activity for Q3 -- HTGC co... mem dontfight BDCs 16
Oct. 1, 09:17 AM Barrons on BDCs -- They are bullish on BDC's, espe... mem dontfight BDCs 27
Sep. 29, 11:43 AM ARES interview -- Shareholders of both ARES and AR... mem NAL ARCC 28
Sep. 28, 12:29 PM Useful BDC data tables -- I don't endorse any of t... mem taconia BDCs 15
Sep. 23, 10:30 AM Wells Fargo - Bocks'd Lunch -- Partial screen shot... mem craigrj BDCs 18
Sep. 20, 5:25 PM Re: Good article on spillover income ... -- Re: &l... mem 5717 BDCs 52
Sep. 20, 01:07 AM Re: Good article on spillover income ... -- Agree ... mem 5717 BDCs 67
Sep. 19, 6:05 PM ARCC borrowing $600 million (less costs) at -... mem tennee9899 BDCs 18

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Oct. 16 2016, 12:28 PM ET
created by wildmap (to members only)
Poll Type: Check All That Apply
A follow up poll to see if the media's full onslaught against Trump, and his full onslaught against Hillary in response, is haltering anyone's votes. Who are you voting for next month?
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   Sitting this one out
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Oct. 4 2016, 10:21 PM ET
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favorite yield to buy on drop by symbol. Preferreds too. mutiple ok
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Sep. 25 2016, 1:52 PM ET
created by sunrise (to members only)
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What percentage of your portfolio is Energy (defined by VF categories)?
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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Oct. 25, 11:26 PM Donald Trump goes on a fact-finding visit to Israe... mem vf-AJNock Political Humor 2
Oct. 25, 9:57 PM Southern Coastal, Swamp Blues & Soul, etc -- Boz S... mem vf-luckychuck Music
Oct. 25, 9:54 PM Climate Change Doesn't Care What You Believe...and... mem vf-Navigator Climate Change 1
Oct. 25, 8:45 PM mem vf-jordan Immigration 5
Oct. 25, 3:59 PM Just one more example of the ACA messing -- over a... mem vf-tennee9899 Health Care 9
Oct. 25, 12:50 PM Gash on Hillary's Face???????????????????????? -...This post contains an attachment mem vf-tankerat Health 12
Oct. 25, 11:46 AM Wikileaks exposes Obama email lie............. -- ... mem vf-ridinycurve Crime 16
Oct. 25, 10:29 AM Re: ... -- Re: Does Levin still t... mem vf-Bucky TV shows 2
Oct. 25, 10:18 AM This SNL skit is funny, I busted out laughing -- s... mem vf-tennee9899 Humor 7
Oct. 25, 09:45 AM Black Jeopardy................................ -- ... mem vf-edhipp TV shows 7
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