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Sep. 16, 11:00 PM Glad I got out of TCRD & other BDC thoughts -- Dow... mem jbsbill BDCs 18
Sep. 12, 06:10 AM Wells Fargo - BDCs -- Tremendous amount of informa... mem craigrj BDCs 30
Sep. 11, 08:11 AM Stifel on BDC fundamentals in the loan space -- St... mem glenwpeters BDCs 52
Sep. 7, 12:57 PM no surprise here -- the transfer of FSC and FSFR t... mem dontfight BDCs 9
Sep. 7, 11:01 AM Wells Fargo - SEC and BDCs -- attached [ eom ] mem craigrj BDCs 18
Aug. 28, 2:50 PM A morning upgrade on TCAP........ -- Baird has upg... mem Longterm10 BDCs 13
Aug. 24, 6:06 PM CSWC on a tear -- CSWC has been going up lately, r... mem dontfight BDCs 14
Aug. 24, 12:29 PM ACSF -- added some shares to my existing total at ... mem jreit2002 BDCs 7
Aug. 24, 10:04 AM Good article on PNNT and PIK -- As a rule, Wathen ... mem dontfight BDCs 22
Aug. 23, 09:39 AM ML BDC:Spread and dividend sustainability..... -- ... mem sandgrey BDCs 30
Aug. 21, 3:55 PM BIZD (BDC ETF) -- Would like to revisit BIZD, whic... mem mindtrek2 BDCs 20
Aug. 17, 10:45 AM PFLT gets positive write up in Barrons -- The arti... mem dontfight BDCs 32
Aug. 15, 06:30 AM Wells Fargo - TICC FSIC -- attached [ eom ] mem craigrj BDCs 14
Aug. 10, 11:01 AM I guess there is not much interest in FSC here now... mem dontfight BDCs 27
Aug. 9, 06:18 AM Wells Fargo - PNNT -- attached [ eom ] mem craigrj BDCs 18

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Sep. 14 2017, 8:08 PM ET
created by cilljoe (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
Assume energy, not just oil E&Ps, has bottomed and starting to recover. What energy (E&Ps, Service Co's, NG, MLPs, etc) companies (Up to 5) would you take a position in AND suggest to fellow VFers? Example: EMES, HCLP, RRC, WLL, SN
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Thursday, September 21, 8:08 PM

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Sep. 12 2017, 8:01 PM ET
created by Panteradon (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
Will you buy the new Iphone X?
(choose one best answer)
All votes final
view current results (52 votes) »
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Sep. 4 2017, 4:02 PM ET
created by dnr02 (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
What with you do if you have a position in ATAX?
(choose one best answer)
   hold buy more at a lower price (if it hits my ttarget)
   sell buy more at a lower price (if it hits my ttarget)
All votes final
view current results (18 votes) »
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Sep. 19, 2:16 PM Trump at the United Nation -- A most refreshing sp... mem vf-WalterinHK World Affairs 2
Sep. 19, 1:35 PM Bay area schools want to ditch A-F grading system ... mem vf-psuherb EDUCATION 3
Sep. 19, 12:43 PM Fake News Being Made -- Somebody snapped a pictu...This post contains an attachment mem vf-JamesRWhite Media Bias 9
Sep. 19, 10:09 AM Vice Chair of Federal Election Commission -- The r... mem vf-hhill Opinion 5
Sep. 19, 01:09 AM deep state or bull-oney? -- mem vf-Bucky Conspiracy Theory 3
Sep. 18, 5:43 PM Once again, NOT the methodist, shockingly the -- L... mem vf-tennee9899 Terrorism 23
Sep. 18, 5:32 PM Have you noticed? -- How quiet the antiTrump media... mem vf-scuttlebut Media Bias 24
Sep. 18, 5:22 PM quiet, this is a library! Cops: Louisiana Couple R... mem vf-jordan Crime 4
Sep. 18, 4:47 PM How can dems vote no -- mem vf-bigtex Crime 15
Sep. 18, 4:21 PM The Roads of Life............................. -...This post contains an attachment mem vf-bug Philosophy 26
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